For many companies, what they do is not who they are.

Uber provides transportation, but they're not a transportation company. Amazon sells books, but they're not a bookstore. Netflix provides entertainment, but they're not an entertainment company.

At their core, they are technology companies. They are architects of innovation – re-shaping business for the digital age.

We're built the same way.

At Power Home Remodeling, we don't wait for another company to develop technology to help homes reach their highest potential; we take charge and innovate within. The world we've created is filled with creativity and invention, and the proprietary digital platform we developed in-house rivals the digital capacity of some of the world's biggest companies.

We've created an entire world of innovation that extends far beyond the boundaries of home remodeling, and when you step inside our walls you will know that any expectation can be met, and surpassed.


The motherboard running our entire operation, NITRO, is a digital database, a social platform, leaderboard technology, and anything else we need to make our clients and your dreams a reality.

It's our Oz and we ensure that thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of clients have access to it for whatever they need, whenever they need it. And if it doesn't do what they need today ... we build it tomorrow because when you think digitally as an organization, nothing is impossible.

We are driven by innovators from all over the globe and led by a quirky genius that will stop at nothing to change the world.

Timothy G. Wenhold

Chief Innovation Officer


As Chief Innovation Officer, Timothy G. Wenhold is responsible for the delivery of the company's state-of-the-art digital platform, Nitro, the motherboard running our entire operation.

Since joining Power as a consultant in 2007, Timothy's counsel and leadership have been instrumental to the company's growth and aggressive expansion objectives. Understanding the need to better communicate with employees in the field, as well as provide the company a tool where it can seamlessly track marketing and sales progress, customer experience, installation processes, and post-installation payment cycles, Timothy and his team of global developers and programmers developed NITRO. Now the most technologically innovative and advanced enterprise solution in our industry, Nitro has become the critical tool to Power's continued success.

In the processes of developing this company-wide solution, Timothy joined the organization as its Chief Innovation Officer in 2011. An enormous opportunity for Power, Timothy provides the organization a history of successful entrepreneurism, owning and operating several multimillion dollar businesses during his storied career – in fact at the age of 17, Timothy turned down a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania in order to launch the first of his eventual six businesses. With this considerable experience, comes intimate knowledge of all aspects of the "organizational chart" including communications, operations, customer relationship management, and sales.